On their own ? Britain?s child migrants

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Are you a former child migrant? Or has your family been affected by child migration from Britain to Commonwealth countries. We would love to hear from you. Please share your memories on our message board.

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Monday 22 June 2015 05:16 GMT

I came out to Fairbride with Caroline McCausland on the Carnarvan Castle in February 1952.I left Fairbridge at the end of 1952 when my parents came out toRhodesia.Unfortunately I never had any contact with her after left. I am still resident in now Zimbabwe.

Mary Harper

Thursday 04 June 2015 13:19 GMT

Please, were the names of child migrants recorded? I'm searching for information on a girl who was shipped from UK to Southern Rhodesia after the war. It is thought she was born in 1940 to a Miss/Mrs Bingham, but later unofficially adopted by a Mrs McCausland before being sent to Bulawayo, where she was known as Margaret Caroline McCausland. Any scrap of info may help my search to find her and would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Darlene McCart nee Woodward

Tuesday 14 April 2015 01:51 GMT

Searching for information about our Dad - Reginald Arthur Woodward born in England 1904. Came to Canada as a Barnardo child in 1915, sent to Port Hope. His parents were Charles and Edith Lucker who had a sister in Chicago, USA.

Jane Trickett

Tuesday 27 January 2015 01:04 GMT

I am trying to find out about Emily Jane Arnold a sister of my grandfathers-sent to Canada through the Barnardos Scheme Emily arrived on the SS TUNISIAN in Quebec on the 29th July in 1900.The latest information I have is that she married Harry-Henry Brault in May 1911 in Toronto at the time of the marriage they were both residents of Peterborough.I have been trying to find out what happened to Emily since 1986 so any information would be very gratefully received.Thank you.

Julie McCann

Monday 12 January 2015 21:36 GMT

I have spent two days going through the materials on this website in order to produce lesson plans. The stories are incredibly powerful and moving and I think that they will support children in classrooms today in developing empathy and creating awareness of history, culture and society. Many philosophical questions are raised about how we live alongside one another and create space and opportunities for others, particularly those with least power or voice, to truly flourish. I think that at least a whole term's learning could easily come from this exhibition. Thank-you for enabling me to learn about Britain's Child Migrants.

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