On their own ? Britain?s child migrants

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Are you a former child migrant? Or has your family been affected by child migration from Britain to Commonwealth countries. We would love to hear from you. Please share your memories on our message board.

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Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:13 GMT

Such a moving exhibition. So much heartbreak, much of it unnecessary. So many lives devoid of love and yet they survived and did contribute to Aust, Canada, NZ & SA. Thank you for dealing with this so positively and so compassionately.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:11 GMT

Thanks for a beautiful account. Gruelling and challenging and sometimes wonderful as well. The way that we care for our vulnerable people is always telling on the maturity of our thinking and ways of caring for each other as a society. Having this exhibition at least gives us a map of what has been and hopefully how not to act in future. It's sad an interesting at the same time. Wonderful witness to history.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:08 GMT

Let us work together to support all vulnerable migrants - now and in the future - especially our refugees and more particularly our boat people.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:07 GMT

A very powerful and poignant exhibition. I cried all the way round. Can't imagine how people can take children away from their country of birth and treat them so abysmally.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 02:57 GMT

This is an excellent exhibition particularly for a Pom like me. Not a great deal is known about it in the UK. It's kept quiet. It seems that some of the children were 'sent' out here, but now I note that many were glad of the chance of a decent life. They would certainly not have had such an opportunity in Britain. Thank you for the 'eye opener' that this exhibition gives.

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