On their own ? Britain?s child migrants

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Are you a former child migrant? Or has your family been affected by child migration from Britain to Commonwealth countries. We would love to hear from you. Please share your memories on our message board.

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SS Beltana 1926

Thursday 22 September 2011 02:37 GMT

My father arrived in Australia in 1926 on this vessel aged 18 years. I would like to know if it was through the dreadnought scheme or some other and if there is any more information available once he arrived.

chris dobos

Wednesday 20 July 2011 06:45 GMT

Does anybody remember Phyliss or Jeah holman, they were at Molong,Phyliss's son,would like information about his mum,as she died when he was 7 leaving him to be raised in foster care

Janet Prodgers

Monday 27 June 2011 02:57 GMT

My grandpa (Sidney Prodgers) grew up in Hawkhurst's Babies Castle Homes. He was left on the doorstep of the Castle Homes in a basket when he was just a month or so old with his name pinned to his clothing. He grew up in this home and at the age of 12 0n March 23 1899 other children and himself were sent on a ship with women from the Salvation Army, to Canada where they were sent to farms in Saskatchewan to work.

Gail Collins

Saturday 11 June 2011 18:46 GMT

Every Sept 28th has been declared British Home Child Day in Ontario passing royal assent on June 2, 2011. Wouldn't it be wonderful if in time, it became an international day?

Tim Mitchell

Friday 10 June 2011 06:11 GMT

My father was a child evacuee at the outbreak of WW2. He came to Australia on the MS Batory in 1939; he was 13 years old. His parents emigrated to Australia after the end of the war. He lived in Melbourne right up to his death in 1989. His memories of his time on board ship were all fond ones.

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