On their own ? Britain?s child migrants

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Are you a former child migrant? Or has your family been affected by child migration from Britain to Commonwealth countries. We would love to hear from you. Please share your memories on our message board.

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Tony Chambers

Monday 25 March 2013 21:16 GMT

I am a former child migrant sent to NZ 1952. I did receive a good adoptive life there; but never the less was shattered from my birth mother... I now live back in my old birth town in England. My story is reconciled.I wish to thank all the new & past message contributors for your kind goodwill remarks of our historic social subject. Tony: Anthony Chambers.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:46 GMT

What a wonderful exhibition but how teribly sad to think such an exhibition was ever necessary. Hopefully not all children suffered dreadfully but surely every child did suffer to differing degrees. I will continue reading about these things and try to make sure any child I have anything to do with is always loved, cherished and protected. Thank you for putting on such a sensitive, interest and honest portrayal of this time in history. I have greatly appreciated your efforts. Well done to the survivors!


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:43 GMT

As a family historian and researcher my heart aches for the loss of identity these people have suffered. We all need to be able to identify our roots. Thank you for the sensitivity in which this exhibition has been presented.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:42 GMT

Very enlightening to see how my birth country (England) and my adopted country (Australia) could be in partnership of such a terrible act. I feel for these little ones who have had so much taken from them. Thank you for telling your stories as adults.


Tuesday 05 March 2013 03:39 GMT

Tears roll down my face as I read and listen and study the pictures - I search for happy endings - and feel so angry about the abuse experienced by many. A wonderful exhibition - so important to remember these events and the decisions that led to the child migration. We can only wish every child on earth the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

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