On their own - Britain's child migrants

John Heath

hand written letter

John Heath, a child migrant with the Liverpool Sheltering Homes, wrote to Louisa Birt on 28 August 1916, following the death of his adoptive mother Mrs Latty. Louisa Birt replied promptly on 30 August with the letter below. Both letters have been lent by Barnardo’s.

Transcript of John's letter:

Granby Aug 28 – 16

Dear Mrs Birt
Knowlton Home

On account of mother’s death on August 22nd I am taking the liberty of writing you a few lines to ask you to kindly advise me for sure if I was legally adopted by Mrs J Latty as it would be of great importance to me so please let me have an answer from you by return mail. I remain

Yours Very Respectfully

John Latty

P.S. My name in the Home was John Heath

Transcript of Louisa's letter:

Aug 30 1916

Dear John,

I am sorry to hear of Mrs Latty’s death.

According to our Records, Mrs Latty called with you at the Knowlton Home on January 17 1880 and signed contract to adopt you as her own.

Owing to our removal here and the fires at the old Home I cannot at present find the agreement. If I come across it, will let you know.

Yours Sincerely

L Birt


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